Part 13: The EDGE Program

By Dr. Kathy J. D'Antoni, Vice Chancellor

West Virginia Community & Technical College System



Get an EDGE on your future.  High school students have an opportunity to establish a college transcript while still in high school.  These college credits are free, no cost.  Plus, depending upon the associate degree they want to get, they may be able to earn one full year of college while still in high school. 


What is the EDGE?  It stands for Earn a Degree ▪ Graduate Early and it allows students to take certain high school courses for community and technical college credit.  If the student passes the EDGE high school course and the final exam, they just fill out, sign and return a college enrollment form provided by their teacher and the course becomes college credit. 


Who can participate?  Anyone can participate.  The courses are high school courses located in the skilled pathway in your cluster and major. 


How will it help me?  Students can earn a two-year Associate Degree with great savings.  If they take the right courses in high school, they have the opportunity to save up to $3,000 in college tuition. 


Why would I want to go to a community and technical college?  There are great careers with good salaries available in only two years, such as, Dental Hygienists ($15,200 - $39, 500), Radiology Technicians (23,400 - $32, 000), Hotel and Motel Managers ($39,000 - $84,000), Surgical Technologists ($20,900 - $28,000) Paralegals ($23,900 - $40,000+), Civil Engineer Technician ($17,700 - $54,800), Mechanical Engineering Technicians ($23,000 - $64,000+), and many more.


How does the EDGE program work? 

1. Contact your high school counselor and tell them you want to earn EDGE credits and establish a college transcript while you are still in high school.  There is no cost involved.


2.  The teacher will inform the student if they are offering the class for EDGE credit.  However, not all schools and teachers are participating.  Students and parents should urge their schools and teachers to offer EDGE if they are not currently doing so.  All eligible schools and classes are listed on . The teacher must sign up to teach EDGE.  It does not require anything special on the part of the school or teacher, no additional curriculum or work, just the agreement from a teacher that the class will be an EDGE class. At the end of the class, students who pass the course and the final exam will fill out a college enrollment form and the teacher will submit it to the Community and Technical College System. 


3.  Students do not have to select a school.  The Community and Technical College central office will hold the credits until they graduate. At that time, they can contact our office (if they did not select a school earlier) and tell us they want their EDGE transcript sent.  If they selected a school earlier, it will automatically be sent to that school upon their graduation from high school.


3.  A student does not need to be in a degree program to get credits. However, the earlier they can make a decision on a degree program the better "jump" they will get on finishing a degree in a shorter time frame and with greater savings. 



4. Students and parents can go to the web site or call the Community and Technical College System of West Virginia at 304.558.2411 to help them get started on their way to a college degree and a successful future.   


TIP:  Ask the first day of school what classes are being offered as EDGE classes and make sure you are taking advantage of this fantastic offer.


Get an EDGE on your future by starting college in high school.


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