Part 19: Division of Rehabilitation Services


                              Submitted by Nancy Haught, Office Supervisor

                         For Keyser, Romney and Moorefield Branch Offices

                                    WV Division of Rehabilitation Services


      I cannot begin the introduction without identifying the mission.  The mission of the


West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services is to enable and empower individuals


with disabilities to work and to live independently.


       An individual with a disability must make application with the West Virginia


Division of Rehabilitation Services to determine if they may be eligible.  In order to be


eligible to receive services, three things are needed:


1)      A physical and/or mental ability that affects your ability to work

2)      You will be able to get and keep a job after receiving services and

3)      That services are needed in order to help you get and keep a job


It is important to meet with your local Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor


in your area or while you are in school.  Beginning the rehabilitation process may take


some length of time, so it is important to start meeting with your counselor as early as


the 10th grade.  In some instances, even earlier such as the eighth grade in order to get a


total picture of the client.  It is during a diagnostic or testing phase that a lot of


information is gathered.  This may include copies of grade reports, medicals,


psychological, vocational information and any other documentation and as a technology


evaluation to better serve the client and their needs.


         Next the client and the counselor work together to develop a plan for a future goal. 


This is called an Individualized Plan for Employment.  During the high school years,



the plan compliments the school’s educational program.  It is important to invite the


Rehabilitation Counselors to the school’s IEP meetings and to meet with the client while


in school; on a regular basis.


       During the school year, the client and counselor plan and prepare for arrangements to


complete the FAFSA, the ACT or SAT for financial assistance and consideration for


being accepted into a selected college.


       Once accepted into a technical program, associate or a regular four year college


program, on-going contact and vocational counseling and guidance need to continue


until the client has completed their technical or educational program.  There are certain


guidelines and regulations pertaining to training and these issues need to be discussed by


the counselor with the client.


       Upon completion of the training, the client may have assistance in job searches and


finding the right job.  This can be through participating in a Job Club, assistance with job


applications and writing resumes and referral to the Agency’s Employer Specialist.  


After the client has been successfully working for a specific amount of days and no


longer needs any further services, the goal has been met for both the counselor and client. 


Sometimes, accommodations or other services may be necessary to ensure the continued


success of the client.


          If there are any questions about Rehabilitation Services, you may call the


Moorefield Office at 538-2701, the Keyser Office at 788-2313 and the Romney Office at





WV Division of Rehabilitation Services

Office for Civil Rights


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