"A Center for Advancing Technology"


   The future of your education will revolve around job skills, reading, math comprehension, and adaptability to changes in the work place. Today's youth and adults must prepare for a high technical changing society. Every person will be faced with an increasing demand on the quality of the work force and competition for employment. This competition will be won by the successful individuals who find an appropriate occupation for their talents, abilities, and interests. The student must blend these qualities with their occupational training.

   The Mineral County Technical and Adult Education Center provides a state-of-the-art training setting for students from the Mineral County School System. It also serves adults from Mineral County and the adjoining five counties--Hampshire, Hardy, Grant, Allegany, and Garrett. The occupational programs stress technical skills and knowledge which are necessary for entry employment and advanced occupational placement. Successful students gain valuable training which is useful in the local area and the nation at large. Employers throughout the six-county region are the target groups which regularly utilize the Center for employment needs and retraining of existing personnel. Training labs are reviewed annually and programs are modified.

   Students who are interested in the opportunities at the Center should contact their guidance counselors or the Center for enrollment information. Various forms of financial aid are available for adult enrollment. Investing in training is investing in your future. The 90's and the 21st century will challenge everyone to be occupationally literate. Training and retraining will be an everyday way of life. The Mineral County Technical and Adult Education Center can serve you.

W. Scott Staley


Harry Alt, Assistant Principal

MCVTC ~ 600 Harley O. Staggers Dr. ~ Keyser, WV 26726
voice: 304-788-4240 ext. 19 ~ fax: 304-788-4243

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